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The Knot Best of Weddings - 2020 PickChicago Weddings and Events
The Knot Best of Weddings - 2020 PickChicago Weddings and Events

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Book today and receive a free package upgrade.

Frequently asked questions.  ???

Q:  Why should I hire you?

A:  Good question.  LOL There are a ton of good dj companies, but I can honestly say that we have been fortunate to never, I do mean never, have a bad event.  We perform our due diligence, research, and really get to know the couple who hires us.  The reason we do this is to make sure we know what type of music they like and what their expectations are without them even telling us.  We believe in having several consultations prior to the day of your event, meeting at the venue,  meeting your wedding planner, and making an agenda, documenting the entire day; this way there is no wondering what happens, and when is it happening.


Q:  What type of music do you play?

A: Any and everything.  We can play wedding classics, 80's, EDM, Hip Hop, Country, Greek, Polish, Latin, Disco, Top 40 hits-anything.


Q: Can I pick the music that will be played at my wedding?

A: Of course!  We ask for as much input in your music selection as possible!!!  If for some reason we aren't too familiar with a specific style being requested, we will research it, download it, and be ready for your big day!!!


Q:  How do you handle requests?

A:  Requests are up to you.  I can take all requests, or only take requests that would fit into the music format you've selected, or I can kindly tell your guests that we are not taking requests at this time.


Q:  Do you have up-lighting?

A:  Yes!  Refer to the pricing page and look under Add-Ons


Q:  How do I book you?

A:  We require a $100 deposit.  By giving us a deposit you are ensuring that we will reserve the day of your event on our calender.  


Q: What happens if your system malfunctions?

A:  In order to prevent any malfunctioning equipment, we replace our equipment every 3-5 years.  We always carry back-up speakers and always have a back-up computer.


Q:  Who will be doing the introductions for my wedding?

A:  Apart from having 19 years of experience as a DJ, I have also been a master of ceremonies throughout that time.  I will be your DJ as well as your MC for your wedding.


Q:  What if I have to cancel?

A:  Our deposites are non-refundable, but we are more than happy to reschedule your event as long as the new date works well for both parties.